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Natural remedies that work
Propolis and ground clay
Make your own cream, tincture and tea
Natural remedies for your children
Herbal Medicine for Common Ailments
Natural remedies for the nervous system
Natural remedies for the digestive system
Natural remedies for the skin
Natural remedies for women
Natural First Aid kit
Alternatives to antibiotics, superbugs and MRSA
Dealing with pain: Naturally
Diabetes: Natural Prevention and Management
Herbs and Spices For Better Digestion
Make your own quality face cream from natural ingredients
Natural remedies to prevent coughs, colds and flu
How to harvest & process herbs for infusions, tinctures & capsules
Cream making - face/hand/foot creams, lip balm
Making natural remedies for the hair
Make your own face cream, hand or foot cream, shampoo and shower gel with natural ingredients
Make your own natural shampoo, shower gel and face scrub
Herbal course for expecting mothers
Natural remedies to deal with depression, anxiety and panic symptoms
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New Course
"Natural remedies for your children"
10:30 on 15th Aug 2017
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